We should Continue with our Manners

Society needs us to have manners to have assurance that we are good people. It is a good thing to have manners. No one likes a rude person. If someone talks rudely to someone, the person doesn’t have manners and is immediately disliked by people in society.

Definition of Manners

Manners have often been defined as a well bred social behaviour or a way of behaving towards people which portrays you as being polite, respectful and cultured. There are views today that society has lost it’s manners and people are no more respectful.

Things to Show that you have Manners

Certain things tend to show that one has or doesn’t have people manners. Some are:

1) Saying thank you:

This is generally the first act that shows someone has manners. Every child is being taught to say this by the parents. When giving an opportunity, a gift whether a personal or corporate branded gifts for any reason, it is important to say thank you. This shows that you appreciate the gift.

2) Greetings:

It is important to greet in a polite way. A simple greeting to an elder goes a long way to tell that one has proper manners.

3) Saying only positive things:

Manners are seen through positive statements. If someone talks rudely or makes negative comments, he doesn’t have manners at all is often rebuked.

Important Nature of Manners

This cannot be overemphasized. They include:

1) Cultures are preserved:

Every society has good manners as an essential part of its customs. Therefore, having manners would mean that that cultural heritage would be preserved.

2) It creates happiness:

A situation where people respect one another especially elders would lead to happiness but where people are not respected and act badly towards one another, there would be anger and chaos. Good manners makes people happy and feel appreciated to do more. So if someone gives you a gift or corporate branded gifts and you say thank you, the person or company would likely give you more gifts.